How to Shop for Western Boots

How to Shop for Western Boots

Here at Ranch Outlet, we have an impressive selection of western boots from some of the biggest brand names on the market. We know a lot about boots, too. The best part about knowing a lot is sharing that information with you, our customers! In today’s blog we are going to cover the basics of boot shopping.

Let’s jump right in with western boot sizing. Much like most shoes and clothes, boots of different brands or styles can fit differently, even if they are the same marked size. Basically, a 9 in Twisted X does not necessarily equate to a 9 in Tin Haul. However, they will be relatively close. Typically, when it comes to ordering boots, you’ll choose the size you wear in other footwear. Keep in mind that if you wear your other shoes bigger for extra room, you’ll need to take that into consideration. Nobody likes a loose boot!

For a perfect fit, it’s also important to consider the socks you’ll be wearing with the boots. Especially if you have the opportunity to try on boots before you buy, be sure to wear socks that are similar to what you will typically be wearing.  You can also purchase special boot socks that are specifically designed to work with boots for a comfortable experience.

Another thing to consider when shopping for western boots is how you’ll be using them. There are many different types of boot including work boots, cowboy boots, riding boots, ropers or fashion. It’s important to keep in mind the way you’ll use a boot before you buy them. There’s no use getting a fancy designer boot if you’re just going to use it for toughness and durability doing dirty work.  Similarly, boots built for wear and tear or riding typically aren’t designed with fashion as a high priority.

When you first get new boots, it’s important to know whether or not they fit correctly. Typically, a perfect boot fit will feel snug, but not tight. Expect that your heel will slip a little in the back. This is because the sole of the boot will still be a bit stiff. After you wear the boots more and more, you’ll notice that the leather will stretch and flex better to fit your feet. In most cases, this causes the heel slippage to go away entirely!

However, not every part of a boot will “break in” to accommodate your foot. This is particularly an issue in the toe area. The toe areas of boots are typically built to be stronger and more resilient, to prevent users from hurting their toes. Additionally, some boots even include a toecap or boot tips that take this protection a step further. Because of these measures, the tip of boots typically do not stretch or change in size. This is why it is crucial that your toes be comfortable in a pair of boots from day one. If you’re toes are uncomfortable or scrunched, then those boots are not for you.

Now that you’ve got some hints and tips on how to shop for western boots, you are ready to shop boots. If you’re looking for a wide selection of boots to browse and try on, our massive showroom at Ranch Outlet can’t be beat! We also have a large stock of work and other western boots online here. If you still have any remaining questions about fitting or anything else boot related, contact our knowledgeable staff on Facebook or our customer service line at (337) 465-4316.